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Sometimes you find one that is just so over the top that it brings a smile to your face. It starts out okay, The doughnut shaped universe spinning about a central axis of quantum singularity India Daily Technology Team May 26, 2008 An unexpected patterns in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) – the relic radiation…

New leader at the Perimeter Institute this Friday, Perimeter researcher wins prestigious award, a summer school on quantum cryptography, the answer is not quantum physics, and quarter charge quasiparticles for quantum computing.

Quantum Diet

Eat anything you want and lose weight? How? By using quantum physics of course!: Freedom From Food looks at food and weight from a unique vantage point. It examines the mind/body connection – how your thoughts and emotions affect your body. The book points out that there is abundant scientific evidence in quantum physics to…

Postdoc in Italy, AQIS 2008 Call for Papers, the Register reports on QUEST, and the New Scientist morphs into the No Scientist.


Holy mother of quack science, Neuroquantology. But that withstanding, some of you real scientists should really satisfy their call for reviewers. I mean think how much fun you could have tearing holes in their papers : We need additional reviewers: Since in our interdisciplinary Journal we seek for holistic approach to science and particularly in…

Superexchange in optical lattices, factoring 15 in a linear optics quantum computer, quantum plagarism peaceful resolution, silicon and gallium arsinide quantum computers, and quantum mumbo jumbo in support of the ideas popularly known as God.

Murray Gell-Mann always makes me laugh. Via Asymptotia here is what Murray said while giving a Ted talk: I won’t go into a lot of stuff about quantum mechanics and what it’s like and so on…you’ve heard a lot of wrong things about it anyway!

A Central Non-premise of Quantum Theory

His Squidiness points to a real whopper of a silly article titled “Was Einstein Wrong About Special Relativity?” by Darrell Williams who is listed as a “Mathematician” and a “graduate of Arizona State University.”

Well it is certainly true that Mystics and quantum physicists speak the same language, that language most probably being Mandarin, English, or Hindi, but I’m guessing that’s probably not what they meant by that title. I should have stopped reading at the title, but instead I actually scanned down the page.