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Must Resist Joke Blog Post Title

arXiv:1003.1153: Quantum Dating Market Authors: O.G. Zabaleta, C.M. Arizmendi Abstract: We consider the dating market decision problem under the quantum mechanics point of view. Quantum states whose associated amplitudes are modified by men strategies are used to represent women. Grover quantum search algorithm is used as a playing strategy. Success is more frequently obtained by…

Quantum Citation Survey

Thomson Reuter’s website Sciencewatch.com has a special section out on citation and paper data for the last ten years of quantum computing. More below the fold.

Some Quantum Events

Summer school: We would like to inform you of the upcoming 10th Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information & Research Workshop. Save the dates: July 17-30, 2010 Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC For more information, visit our website: qi10.ca Contact us: info [atatat] qi10.ca This summer school on quantum information marks the 10th…

SquINT 2010

The twelfth annual SqUINt conference is being held this week and unfortunately I’m missing my favorite conference (though a gaggle of grad students have been sent Santa Fe bound.) The schedule looks really good this year including a great list of invited speakers (Scott Aaronson (MIT), Rainer Blatt (Innsbruck), Matt Hastings (Station Q), Dieter Meschede…

QIP Talks

It looks like the talks for QIP 2010 are now online.. Sweet, my television for the next few weeks. Well okay the Olympics may sneak in there (and jez NBC really stinks it up: I’ve never seen a network make men’s downhill so boring…if you’re going to short the west coast by not showing the…

But I Thought…Click…Oh

Some confusing headlines: Quantum Theory’s Release Date Now ‘TBA’ Quantum Theory Faces Delay Due to Quality Reasons Quantum Theory Delayed

Recent Progress in Quantum Algorithms

Shameless self-promotion: an article I wrote with Wim van Dam, “Recent Progress on Quantum Algorithms” has appeared in the Communications of the ACM. Indeed if you have a copy of the magazine you can check out an artists rendition of a quantum computer/quantum algorithm on the cover. Clearly quantum computing is the new string theory:…

The University of Waterloo is adding a quantum information graduate program, one step closer to being able to get a Ph.D. purely in quantum information. Application details here. Description of the program below the fold.

NEC Summer Quantum Interns

Martin passes along information that the quantum group at NEC labs has openings for summer interns: I wanted to let you know that the quantum group at NEC Labs America has openings for 2010 summer internships. If some of your students are interested, please refer them to http://www.nec-labs.com/careers/internship.php A typical duration of a summer internship…

QIP Bloggers

People I’ve found who are blogging about QIP: Physics and Cake Quantum Moxie Physics is Informational Did I miss anyone? Update: Oh and look photos are already up photogallery for QIP