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Fido Left Behind

Over at my old blog one thread which keeps on giving is my missive about Dr. Wayne Dyer which now has over 2000 comments. I can always tell when it’s PBS pledge drive time by the bump in traffic on my old website and the increase in comments on this post. Today I got a…

Reviews of a Skewering Kind

Robert Ebert: Win Ben Stein’s Mind. Peter R. Saulson: Review of “Beyond the Hoax: Science, Philosophy and Culture” by Alan Sokal

Biblical United States

Summer school in November, Quantum crypto is to legit to quit, quantum Pagerank, and no prayer in quantum prayer.

Pascal’s Economics

Pascal’s Wager is a classic for those who want to argue about the existence of God, but now, according to Peter L. Bernstein, of the New York Times, we should be using it for financial risk calculations. Say what?

Museum Tours For the Insecure

I always knew that T-Rex was a vegetarian: “Trying to teach children not to believe everything they see.” Shouldn’t they add “and believe in everything they don’t see?” Update: I should have known Pharnygula would have posted this before me. Note to self: always check with PZ before posting something about creationism 🙂

HD Shroud of Turin

Coming soon to a desktop near you: Your own digital Jesus. (Someone to hear your prayers. Someone who’s there. As much as a collection of bits representing the image of a sheet can be there, I guess that is.) Yeah I just wrote this post because upon reading the article I couldn’t get that damn…

Fight Anecdote with Anecdote

A website dedicated to chronicling the lives, injuries, and money lost due to a lack of critical thinking. Woah. Is it just me or is there is somethink kind of creepy about assembling this kind of website?

The U.S. presidential candidates been invited to a debate on science. Will they come? I don’t know, but the thought of Mike Huckabee using biblical references in discussing science could lead to some very fun sentences. For example, if he wanted to get apocrypha-l, when talking about the bioethics of artificial wombs, he could bring…

Superexchange in optical lattices, factoring 15 in a linear optics quantum computer, quantum plagarism peaceful resolution, silicon and gallium arsinide quantum computers, and quantum mumbo jumbo in support of the ideas popularly known as God.