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What To Do With Scirate?

One interesting thing about quantum computing is that because it is a very new field, a large amount of the research in the field is on the arXiv (interestingly the worst users have historically been computer scientists.) Back in 2006 whenever I would sit around BSing about the arXiv with other quantum computing people, the…

The arXiv is a game changer for how large portions of physics (and increasingly other fields) are done. Paul Ginsparg won a MacArthur award for his vision and stewardship of the arXiv (something other institutions might want to note when they decide that someone trying to change how science is done isn’t really doing work…

Happy New Year!

Like the title says: Happy New Year! Looking back at the list of top scited papers on, shows some good fun indeed: 23 SciTes – 0811.3171 Title: Quantum algorithm for solving linear systems of equations Authors: Aram W. Harrow, Avinatan Hassidim, Seth Lloyd 23 SciTes – 0809.3972 Title: A Counterexample to Additivity of Minimum…

SciRate Papers 7/25 to 8/1

Summary of what’s new and happening on the arXivs according to voters on SciRate.

SciRate Papers: 7/18 to 7/25

In attempt to keep my reading more current, I’m going to try to post the top rated arXiv papers on SciRate each week and hopefully add about the papers. Let’s see how long I can keep it up (bets?)