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A reminder from Ivan for those who want to attend SqUinT Dear SQuInTers, Please remember that abstract submission for contributed talks and posters are due in one week, Nov. 26. Registration payment deadline — Dec. 12. Hotel reservation deadline — Jan. 19.


Observations on time.

The 11th Annual SQuInT Conference (dude that makes me feel old) will be held in Seattle this year. Seattle is in the southwest because Southwest airline flies here (quick book the direct flights from Albuquerque!) In conjunction with this there will also be a satellite meeting, the Workshop on Integrated Atomic Systems II.

“Local” politics.

Reminder that Sandra, Maria, Grrl, and I will be Ozzies this Saturday. Translation: beer! That’s Saturday, Sept. 27th at 4 pm in the upstairs mezzanine at Ozzie’s. The address is 105 W. Mercer St., Seattle, WA 98119. That’s in lower Queen Anne just east west of that gigantic need with a spaceship stuck on top…

Seattle Scienceblogs Million Comment Party

Scienceblogs has now passed its millionth comment! In celebration many of us are having our own local Scienceblogs million comment parties. See here for your local party. What does all that boring writing mean in the last paragraph? No need to read it. Just read this one if you’re going to be in Seattle at…


For those of you interested in TiddlyWiki and who happen to live in the great city of Seattle, there will be an informal meetup for TiddlyWiki enthusiasts this Saturday, June 26. For details see: TiddlyPac.

This spring/summer has been particularly cloudy in the northwest. But today it is sunny and looks to get to the pleasant high 70s. This, obviously, is due entirely to the fact that Bill Gates controls the weather and today is his last day at Microsoft. Seattle is of course, introspective on the man who certainly…

One of the most amusing things about writing a blog is that people you’ve never met form an impression about you from your blabberings, and then, often, when they actually meet you they are astounded that you aren’t “an old grumpy guy” or whatever image they had in their mind. So, in order to confuse…