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This blog has moved. The new location is So long and thanks for all the fish! Over the past three years I’ve had a good time blogging here at Scienceblogs. Though I rarely agree with much they say (haha, classic curmudgeon that I am) I can honestly say my fellow Sciencebloggers are a great…

I grew up in the small town of Yreka, CA (“Yreka Bakery” backwards is…) that sits just minutes south of the Oregon-California border on Interstate 5. Yreka, population a little over 7000 brave souls, is the county seat of Siskiyou county. Siskiyou county is “god’s country” meaning, yes, (a) it votes strongly Republican 🙂 and…

Lidar Interview

Here’s an interview with Daniel Lidar whose was the postdoc who first taught me quantum error correction (and more.) No, not that LIDAR! Note to all you job seekers, even in your darkest hours know that you have friends out there who are working to change the abysmal state of quantum computing hiring: I would…

Round We Go

Lest you think I’m not working:


Congrats to OneBusAway, winners of the 2010 WTIA Industry Achievement Award for “best use of technology in the government, nonprofit or education sector”. OneBusAway was started by University of Washington students and provides real time access to transit information here in the Seattle area. I know it best through it’s iPhone app, which is by…

2010 Pi Day Contest

Scienceblogs and Serious Eats are teaming up this year for the 2010 Pi Day Bake-Off. I wonder if Mrs. Pontiff is up to defending her crown?

Recent Progress in Quantum Algorithms

Shameless self-promotion: an article I wrote with Wim van Dam, “Recent Progress on Quantum Algorithms” has appeared in the Communications of the ACM. Indeed if you have a copy of the magazine you can check out an artists rendition of a quantum computer/quantum algorithm on the cover. Clearly quantum computing is the new string theory:…

You Might Be a Theorist

If your work productivity is shaped by the type of pen you are currently using:

@dabacon Shameless Self-Promotion

The Shorty Awards have a category called “bacon.” Your vote for @dabacon will, I promise, result in a great increase in your pork-based karma. And voting doesn’t even clog your arteries!

About the UBC Talk

About that talk at UBC which I posted about on Sunday… Q: How’d the talk in Vancouver go Monday, Dave? D: The slides were awesome and the animations dazzling. Q: So the talk went well? D: Don’t know. I didn’t give the talk. Q: Didn’t give the talk? Why not? D: Well at the time…