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Whatever you do, Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Mary America, make sure to tell everyone you know not to go into science and engineering! You see those who major in science and engineering are certain to not get jobs, because, as many commenters love to point out, all those jobs are being exported overseas! But…

To the jerk, or jerks, who broke into my car and stole my laptop and passport while parked in downtown Vancouver. Pfffft! You stink! And just what do you think you’re going to do with all those LaTeX files? Maybe you should try to sell them to D-wave! (For the humor impaired: that’s a joke.)

If Only I’d Founded “iPho”

Quick, Batman! To the trademark-mobile along with a stack of three or four letter company names: Feb 27 (Reuters) – On-demand business phone service provider Nuvio Corp said it filed a lawsuit against Garmin International Inc…alleging Garmin’s Nuvifone infringes on Nuvio trademark, which it uses on its phones and telephony services.

Fight Anecdote with Anecdote

A website dedicated to chronicling the lives, injuries, and money lost due to a lack of critical thinking. Woah. Is it just me or is there is somethink kind of creepy about assembling this kind of website?

Pseudonyms in Science?

A while ago a message from Kris Krogh appeared on about ariXiv:0712.3934 stating Kris’ belief that the paper appeared under a pseudonym (the comment contains the contents of the link which was sent to the arxiv’s administrator.) Today I checked with the arxiv and found that the paper had been removed: This submission has…

Aliens and Photos

What else am I to conclude from recent UFO reports out of Texas, except that no one in the entire town had a cell phone with a camera? Or a digital camera? Do the aliens use data from cell phone usage and digital camera usage when they decide where to do their joy riding? Oh,…

Foxworthy Material

You know you’re in rural America when… Reminds me of one of my favorite bumper sticker ideas of a few years ago (less true today): “Buy American: Do Meth!”