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Happy Birthday Integrated Circuit!

Fifty years ago today, this device set the course for a pretty big revolution. That’s a picture of Jack Kilby’s first integrated circuit which first functioned on September 12, 1958.

Not Cuil

Sure quantum computers can find a needle in an unstructured haystack quadratically faster than their classical brethren, but I didn’t think the word “quantum” and “search” would appear in the press quite this soon: Ex-Googlers reinvent web search: Quantum porn (not safe for work! i.e. they show the quantum porn!) and Quantum porn engine foiled…

Web Based Applications

You know that web based applications have really entered into your life when you click the Firefox icon and you wonder why the browser doesn’t appear and cover the document you are editing.


For those of you interested in TiddlyWiki and who happen to live in the great city of Seattle, there will be an informal meetup for TiddlyWiki enthusiasts this Saturday, June 26. For details see: TiddlyPac.

New York Times Reports MySQL Error

Um, okay, so was this little piece of information really noteworthy enough to be included in a New York Times article on Psystar: Although Psystar’s Web site was available earlier today, by 1 p.m. EDT it was offline and returning the error message: “Database Error: Unable to connect to the database: Could not connect to…

iPhone Apps (Free)

When people ask me about my iPhone, I usually tell them that it is a great gadget, but not really a terrific cell phone. I’m going to have to modify that a bit now, I think. With the addition of third party applications, the iPhone is now a super duper great gadget, but not really…

This spring/summer has been particularly cloudy in the northwest. But today it is sunny and looks to get to the pleasant high 70s. This, obviously, is due entirely to the fact that Bill Gates controls the weather and today is his last day at Microsoft. Seattle is of course, introspective on the man who certainly…

Tiddlying My Life Away

I’m always behind the times. I just discovered Tiddlywiki and I love it!


The first edition of the newly revamped Communications of the ACM is out. And I must say, so far I’m greatly impressed. First of all it seems that they’ve gotten rid of the absolutely horrible front pages for all articles that were (a) ugly (I’m not a font nazi, but sheesh that font choice was…

Pacman Roomba

Via Hack a Day, Roomba goes Pacman: