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Amateur Bioengineering?

Bill Gates thinks that robots are at the equivalent stage that computers were when he and Paul Allen and a ton of hobbyists helped fuel the PC revolution. But is he right? Here is a radical proposal: might not bioengineering be the next field where amateurs have a huge impact? Such is the hypothesis of…

The telectroscope: Hardly anyone knows that a secret tunnel runs deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean. In May 2008, more than a century after it was begun, the tunnel will finally be completed. Immediately afterwards, an extraordinary optical device called a Telectroscope will be installed at both ends which will miraculously allow people to see right…


I’m a sucker for any game which involves time travel. If only now I could go back in time and use my time more wisely than I did by playing that silly game.

Bill Gates, in his transition from Mr. Big at Microsoft, to Mr. Big at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, has been going around to various college campuses and given a talk “Bill Unplugged.” You can watch the video here if you are so inclined.

Google Search Terms

Via Digg, an article on hilarious Google searches. Hmm, reminds me of one I discovered a while back. (Below may or may not be NSFW, depending on your level of puritanism. And it can certainly lead to clicking which is definitely NSFW.)

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure

We’ve seen these demos before, but Johnny Lee’s TED talk still wows: Not only does it seem that interfaces are undergoing some radical redesigning right now, but also methods to take existing “cheap” products and leverage them into something which would normally cost a lot more, seems to be catching on.

ArXiv on Your iPhone

For those interested in accessing the arXiv on your iPhone, here is a web based iPhone page: Sweet! This has been on my list of things to do, and now I can cross it off without having to do it myself!

Nunchuck Demo

I’m not sure what this is good for, and yet I found it amazingly responsive:

Quake3 on iTouch

One of the reasons I signed up to develop for the iPhone: Accelerometers are so cool. And I don’t just say that because I’m a physicist.

Previously, I had found a way to get a Mac running Firefox to not choke on recognizing pdfs correctly when downloaded from the Commenter Dan has tracked down the reason for this and suggested another way to fix this which should be compatible with the latest versions of Firefox: Update: It seems that the…