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arXiv vs snarXiv

OMG hilarious: arXiv vs. snarXiv.

Guess the Dow, Win Chow!

Last month a local restaurant group, Chow foods—among whose restaurants is one of our favorite Sunday breakfast spots, The Five Spot—ran a contest/charity event: “Chow Dow.” The game: guess the value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the close of the market on October 29th, 2009. The closest bet under the closing value which…

Happy 4th of July!

Never a bad time to take a look at Mr. Jefferson’s document (and also thank you Thomas, for serving tubers at Monticello at a time when people thought they would kill you.)

In Vienna, Virginia on April 23-25th a workshop is being held in response to a report, “A Federal Vision for Quantum Information Science” issued by the United States National Science and Technology Council. While this workshop looks, from the outside, like any other typical quantum computing workshop, this is a bit deceiving, as from what…

UW: We’re Number 1!

Over at Xconomy Ed Lazowska writes about the proposed cuts in higher education here in the state of Washington. There I find that the Washington higher eduction is number one! Number one in terms of the percentage being cut by the (proposed) state budget: 23 to 31 percent among global challenge peer states. But are…

APS March Meeting Ramblings

Things I learned at the APS March meeting. Updated as I learn them. That’s right: real time updates of connectivity of my neurons translated into html translated into text and pictures on your browser.

SqUinT Day 1 Summary

Okay, so keeping running notes on friendfeed isn’t going to work for me. Just too hard to do this and make a readable record. Really we should just be taping the talks. Summary of day one below the fold (this may be a bit off as this is being written a day later.)


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Nature on El Naschie

Nature article on El Naschie. (See also The Case of M.S. El Naschie, Continued.)