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SquINT 2010

The twelfth annual SqUINt conference is being held this week and unfortunately I’m missing my favorite conference (though a gaggle of grad students have been sent Santa Fe bound.) The schedule looks really good this year including a great list of invited speakers (Scott Aaronson (MIT), Rainer Blatt (Innsbruck), Matt Hastings (Station Q), Dieter Meschede…

Film Reviews in Nature Physics?

What in the world is a review for Star Trek doing in

What Am I? I Choose Neither

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to a question that I’m nearly constantly asked: “So…[long pause]…are you a physicist…[long pause]…or are you a computer scientist?” Like many theorists in quantum computing, a field perched between the two proud disciplines of physics and computer science (and spilling its largess across an even broader swath…

APS March Meeting Ramblings

Things I learned at the APS March meeting. Updated as I learn them. That’s right: real time updates of connectivity of my neurons translated into html translated into text and pictures on your browser.

Off to the March Meeting I Go

Tonight I hop on a red-eye to Pittsburgh to attend the APS March meeting. 7000 physicists in Pittsburgh, now that’s a scary thought for poor Pittsburgh (punishment for winning the superbowl, I guess.) A list of highlighted papers includes some fun ones: 11:15AM, Tuesday Session B15: “Walking on water: why your feet get wet” Michael…

SqUinT Day 1 Summary

Okay, so keeping running notes on friendfeed isn’t going to work for me. Just too hard to do this and make a readable record. Really we should just be taping the talks. Summary of day one below the fold (this may be a bit off as this is being written a day later.)

3.14159265 is Approximately 1

Happy Talk like a physicist day, Happy Pi day, and Happy birthday dear uncle Albert.