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SquINT 2010

The twelfth annual SqUINt conference is being held this week and unfortunately I’m missing my favorite conference (though a gaggle of grad students have been sent Santa Fe bound.) The schedule looks really good this year including a great list of invited speakers (Scott Aaronson (MIT), Rainer Blatt (Innsbruck), Matt Hastings (Station Q), Dieter Meschede…

Quantum Spottings

Quantum ghosts, dynamical decoupling, why a diamond is forever in quantum computing, transversal press, quantum phrases I can’t grok, and quantum jumping.

In Vienna, Virginia on April 23-25th a workshop is being held in response to a report, “A Federal Vision for Quantum Information Science” issued by the United States National Science and Technology Council. While this workshop looks, from the outside, like any other typical quantum computing workshop, this is a bit deceiving, as from what…

Dynamical Decoupling Workshop

Michael Biercuk sends me a note about an upcoming workshop on dynamic decoupling. He’s trying to get a gauge of the interest in such a workshop: Upcoming International Workshop on Dynamical Decoupling (IWODD) Expected Date: October, 2009 Location: Boulder, CO By Invitation Only Interested participants please contact Michael J. Biercuk, biercuk at boulder.nist.gov Those interested…

What Am I? I Choose Neither

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to a question that I’m nearly constantly asked: “So…[long pause]…are you a physicist…[long pause]…or are you a computer scientist?” Like many theorists in quantum computing, a field perched between the two proud disciplines of physics and computer science (and spilling its largess across an even broader swath…

APS March Meeting Ramblings

Things I learned at the APS March meeting. Updated as I learn them. That’s right: real time updates of connectivity of my neurons translated into html translated into text and pictures on your browser.

Quantum Canada

Quantum computing continues to grow in Canada. Congrats to the IQC at the University of Waterloo who now, truly are the center of the quantum computing universe: With matching funds from the province of Ontario and RIM founder Mike Lazaridis, University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing will receive $150 million to build a research…

SqUinT Day 1 Summary

Okay, so keeping running notes on friendfeed isn’t going to work for me. Just too hard to do this and make a readable record. Really we should just be taping the talks. Summary of day one below the fold (this may be a bit off as this is being written a day later.)