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Big News for Vancouverites Today!

Carl Zimmer, science writer extraordinaire and blogger at The Loom will be speaking tonight at the University of British Columbia. It’s at 7pm in
Room 2 of the Woodward Instructional Resources Centre (map).

According to his hosts at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum:

This year the world celebrates the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species; the most important book in the history of modern biology. The science of evolutionary biology has come a long way since 1859. In this talk, Carl Zimmer takes a look at how scientists are studying evolution to grapple with one of the most important challenges we face: the emergence of new diseases.

There’s also some significantly smaller news. I’ll be presenting my research as a history department colloquium at 4:30 in Buchanan Tower 1207. My talk is entitled “The Nature of Leviathan: Biology and Physics in Hobbes’ Political Science.” Maybe I’ll see you at one or both events.