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Please Welcome Casaubon’s Book to ScienceBlogs

Sharon Astyk is a writer, teacher and small farmer living in rural upstate New York and now writes at Casaubon’s Book, after the character in the George Eliot novel Middlemarch who attempts to put everything in history within a single narrative. She writes and speaks frequently about peak oil, climate change and depletion issues. Here is a sample from one of her latest posts. In bemoaning the so-called “Danish text” that would allow rich nations to produce twice the carbon pollution as poor ones she writes:

This should not surprise us – at every level our energy and environmental process has chosen the destructive over the effective. Think about the biofuels debacle of the last few years, which according to the UN FAO estimates was responsible for between 40 and 60 percent of the precipitous rise in food prices that has left us with a billion hungry people. Many of the rich nations failed to make good on their additional food aid commitments made in that crisis, and then slashed food aid in 2009. I guess in some ways we’re lucky that we’re not having an international peak energy summit, since we don’t need any better chances to rape and pillage there.

She also writes about pudding. Welcome Sharon!