The Primate Diaries

Canadian journalist Naomi Klein, author of the international bestsellers The Shock Doctrine, No Logo, and the recent Rolling Stone article “Climate Rage,” gave the following talks at the KlimaForum09 alternative climate conference in Copenhagen. As the US is insisting on a mere 17% reduction in carbon pollution based on 2005 levels (when the IPCC Working Group III Report calls for a minimum safe reduction of 25 – 40% from 1990 levels) she highlights how this conference will not come to an agreement that adequately meets the challenge we face. In order to do that, she argues, it will require a large-scale popular movement that pressures governments into making the tough political decisions.

Opening address to Klimaforum09:

Speech cuts off midway, contact me if you have the complete address.

Klimaforum Climate Debt Panel Discussion: