The Primate Diaries

Top Posts Over the Last Month

This week may be sporadic as I focus on my graduate work, so here are the top ten posts from November as chosen by readers:

#1 – I Am Extremely Terrified of Chinese People, But I’m Not Racist

This cracks me up, in more ways than one.

#2 – Reciprocity and the Anthropology of Organ Transplants

Thanks to the readers of Mental Floss who found this one of interest.

#3 – University of Illinois Graduate Students Vote to Strike

By the way, they won.

#4 – Breaking the Chain: Ardipithecus Is Not A Missing Link

This would have been my top choice, but what do I know?

#5 – The Gay Animal Kingdom Should Now Be Required Reading

Apparently people agreed with me.

#6 – I Got the Swine Flu Vaccine, Falling for Obama’s Socialist Plot

Still alive, though it has been more difficult to type with these hooves I’ve developed.

#7 – Ray Comfort is a Half-Wit and a Libelous Scalawag

Add plagiarist to the mix as well.

#8 – Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

The gunpowder treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

#9 – The Darwin Reclamation Project

With a cast of nearly a hundred!

#10 – Friday Rant: “Militant” Atheists and Freedom From Religion

My first foray into ranting. Not a genre that comes comfortably to me, but keep encouraging me and we’ll see.