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The Great Patriotic War in Sand and Sorrow

   Recruitment poster calling for defense of the “Soviet Motherland.” Woman holds a document that translates roughly to “military oath.”My grandmother sends me a lot of chain e-mails. Many of them are of the right-wing Evangelical Christian variety that have been resent so many times that I have to scroll down several pages just to get…

Happy Holidays from The Primate Diaries

“Presents Opening Children” / Rob Sheridan

Creating Art on Drugs

Artist Ricardo Cortes has a beautiful exhibition of his work in the current edition of Vanity Fair entitled Sketches of the Drug Czars. In his series he points out the steps that have led our country through the most expensive (and least effective) domestic policy in history.

Picnic. Rob Sheridan / Creative Commons In the second of my 226,000 part series (as yet unnamed) in which I help promote my favorite photographs and artwork bearing a Creative Commons attribution license, I would like to introduce my readers to the amazing work of Rob Sheridan. Picnic is his latest piece, in honor of…