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Lawrence Lessig on Remix and Digital Culture

I had the opportunity to see this live in April. I had never heard of Lawrence Lessig prior to this presentation, but I haven’t been able to forget it. I’m so pleased to have found it online.

Picnic. Rob Sheridan / Creative Commons In the second of my 226,000 part series (as yet unnamed) in which I help promote my favorite photographs and artwork bearing a Creative Commons attribution license, I would like to introduce my readers to the amazing work of Rob Sheridan. Picnic is his latest piece, in honor of…

Bonobo Mother and Infant at Play

Bonobos (Pan paniscus) at Frankfurt Zoo, Germany. Joachim S. Müller / Creative Commons

Image: Auzigog / Creative Commons Each week I plan to highlight a Creative Commons photographer whose work I think should reach a larger audience. This week I chose Jeremy Blanchard’s self-portrait of what reading Ishmael was like the first time. Having had a similar experience myself I completely understand and I think his photograph captures…