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Yep, this is pretty much how it works. Marc Roberts has this brilliant comic that sums up the spectacle currently underway in Copenhagen. Here’s a taste, but make sure to click the link to see the whole thing.

How the Inuit Are Solving the Climate Crisis

Maana (Now), Directed by FĂ©lix Pharand D. As part of the United Nations COP15 Climate Change Conference is the Indigenous Voices on Climate Change Film Festival. Included in the festival is this humorous story of one Inuk teenager who is disturbed by how the climate crisis is affecting his community and sets out to do…

The State of Religion

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Thank You, Jenny McCarthy!

From the brilliant minds at WTF, indeed. I got my vaccine, have you?

Spirited Debate with Ray and Kirk

From Atheist

Live Organ Transplants

After posting my piece on the Anthropology of Organ Transplants I couldn’t resist posting Monty Python’s humorous take on the concept from their film The Meaning of Life. To see what happens next click here.

Halloween at Glenn Beck’s House

Image: Seattle Post-Intelligencer / David Horsey

Whose Health Coverage Would Jesus Deny?

Answer: Everyone that couldn’t afford it, if his representatives are any indication. From People for the American Way: Focus on the Family’s James Dobson, on a recent conference call for anti-choice activists, sounded both those charges, calling reform legislation a “huge abortion industry bailout” as well as a “health care power grab by the federal…

In a shocking reversal after denying climate science for decades, a spokesperson for the US Chamber of Commerce (the world’s largest business advocacy group) announced yesterday that they have reversed their historical stance on the issue of global climate change. According to the press release carried by The New York Times, Reuters, CNBC, the Washington…

David Horsey / Seattle Post-Intelligencer