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Nature vs. Science

Jorge Cham has just posted his latest PhD Comic, this one taking on the rivalry between Nature and Science. Look behind the scenes at how the science publishing industry REALLY works. It’s enough to make you want to publish only in PLoS ONE!

The Science of Monty Python

Monty Python: The scientists of silliness? I’m currently working on a book (scheduled for release sometime in the 2010s) that intends to be an extension of my research in evolutionary anthropology and the history/philosophy of science. In the coming months I may be tempted to write more about it — and could be persuaded to…

Behind Enemy Lines

Reprinted from Wildlife Conservation Magazine “Behind Enemy Lines” November/December 2005 By Eric Michael Johnson           December 2002 — After four days traveling upriver in a dugout canoe, Belgian primatologist Jef Dupain became the first researcher in five years to return to the war-torn Lomako Forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). As he surveyed…