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My response to David Klinghoffer’s piece in the Huffington Post has just been published: Creationists are fond of laying the blame for Nazi eugenics on Charles Darwin. They insist that his materialist argument that humans evolved from animals and his conception of natural selection inspired the Nazis to implement a widespread policy of artificial selection…

Darwin and Hitler, Again?

Image: via PZ Myers PZ Myers has a new post condemning Discovery Institute ideologue David Klinghoffer’s recent post connecting Darwin to the eugenic policies of Hitler. He trots out some of the same points that have been refuted time and again. Darwin elaborated a picture of how the world works, how creatures war with each…

Does God Have A Future?

Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Deepak Chopra, and Jean Houston square off for a Nightline debate on the future of belief. Part 1 The entire program lasts about 1 hour 50 minutes. Watch all parts continuously by clicking here.

If Atheists Ruled the World

Taken word for word from online fundamentalist forums(contains some graphic language).

Why I Am Not A Humanist*

           Looking nonhumans in the eye.      Image: Elephant Man by Chris Gallucci In 1927 Bertrand Russell wrote his now famous essay “Why I Am Not A Christian” and outlined the general reasons for why he rejected such an ideology. This approach has been followed by other writers such as Ibn Warraq in Why I Am Not A…

Atheism and Science at The Huffington Post

My essay The Unseen and Unknowable Has No Place in Science has just gone up this morning in the Religion section of The Huffington Post:     Yes, religion is incompatible with science. This doesn’t mean, of course, that religious people are incapable of doing science. Far from it. There are certain questions that don’t probe…

The creationists have done it again, first it was bananas and now it’s peanut butter. It seems they do all of their heavy thinking while shopping for groceries. Ray Comfort saw mutant bananas forged through artificial selection as evidence of God’s presence (little did he know that wild bananas are inedible to humans). Now creationists…

Image: Idiot Box / Matt Bors And now, of course, Robertson and his Christian Broadcasting Network can interpret geological events as well. On January 13, just a day after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the reigning televangelist explained why God hates Haitians:

OK, so this wasn’t really part of ScienceOnline2010, but it really should’ve been. Perhaps there could be a special session next year on comedy in scientific communication. Any nominations on who the panelists should be? While you think about that, here’s something that actually was at the conference.