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Christianity and the Death Penalty

Image: Of course, you can always count on World Nut Daily to explain the illogic of celebrating a victim of capital punishment while supporting its practice: The reason capital punishment was necessary, God explained, was because human life was so special. There had to be a blood atonement for the death of an innocent…

The Difference is Jesus

ScienceBlogs has the funniest ads sometimes. This image adorned the right hand side of my screen this morning (maybe now it’s there twice). Intrigued I wanted to know more: Compassion believes it takes more than education, healthcare and social programs to make a difference in the life of a child and help nations escape from…

The Blind Leading the Blind

Image: Jesus! vs. Darwin! by The Searcher It’s a tired old routine, yet time and again the same argument is taken off the shelf, dusted, buffed and then presented with a sly smile as if it were something new. Evolution, it’s asserted, is only progressive and builds on earlier adaptations in its march forward through…

The State of Religion

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Carnival of the Godless is Up

Nonreligious Nerd is hosting the latest edition (we’re up to #130 now) of the most ungodly carnival in the blogosphere. Take a moment in between hymns to check out the selections on your iPhone. Just tell the other parishioners that you’re praying for them.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has a quiz to test your understanding of religion and politics in American history. I got 19 out of 21. How’d you do?

Spirited Debate with Ray and Kirk

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Friday Rant: Atheists Need To Be Brighter

Now that the Darwin Reclamation Project collage has been posted, I can confess that I have a few problems with the recent atheist action that sought to counter the dunderhead Ray Comfort and his Creationist propaganda ministry. I’m not sure who originally suggested this action, but I don’t think it was well thought out. Having…

The Darwin Reclamation Project

(To watch this as a music video click on the volume icon in the top left.) Here you are, all your bright, shining faces with a brand new copy of On the Origin of Species. It’s extremely generous of Ray Comfort and Living Waters Publications to distribute so many free copies of a book with…

PZ has information that Ray Comfort and his merry band of misfits have changed their plans and are passing out their Origin of Species propaganda today. You should go and get a copy right away. They’re most likely located at the busiest part of your college campus between 11 and 1pm (or whenever it’s busiest).…