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Scientia Pro Publica is EPIC

The twice monthly premiere science blog carnival has just been posted at Mauka to Makai. Many of your favorite science bloggers have been included (as well as yours truly). Make sure to stop in and prepare to be amazed.

Carnival of the Godless is Up

Nonreligious Nerd is hosting the latest edition (we’re up to #130 now) of the most ungodly carnival in the blogosphere. Take a moment in between hymns to check out the selections on your iPhone. Just tell the other parishioners that you’re praying for them.

Third World Wide

Seattle-based hip hop artist Gabriel Teodros performs his song Third World Wide that connects the issues that affect people of color in the US with those struggling against injustice around the world. As if to emphasize the point that racism is far from over, during his recent trip to England to perform at the University…

You heard right. Now for the low, low price of, well, nothing you too can interact with other primates in the human zoo from the comfort of your own computer. Admission is unlimited, so sign up now. Be the first to comment and you can be in charge of where the conversation goes.

How the Internet Enables Intimacy

In the latest TED Talk, anthropologist Stefana Broadbent suggests that the technologies of social media–such as blogs, facebook, and twitter–are actually promoting greater intimacy between people rather than sucking time away from social involvement as is often supposed. In this unnatural environment we’ve constructed, with regulated time schedules, overseers–er, I mean, bosses–and artificial friendliness mandated…

K’Naan – “Soo Bax” K’Naan was born in Mogadishu, Somalia and was there when the Somali Civil War broke out in the early 90s before emigrating and getting his break in Canada (w00t!). Since then he’s worked with Nelly Furtado, Mos Def, The Roots, Dead Prez, and Pharoahe Monch and released two studio albums (The…

Lawrence Lessig on Remix and Digital Culture

I had the opportunity to see this live in April. I had never heard of Lawrence Lessig prior to this presentation, but I haven’t been able to forget it. I’m so pleased to have found it online.

Facebook Espionage?

Facebook is a wonderful resource, but there’s good reason to be cautious about how much information we put out there about ourselves (and not just to avoid stalkers and advertisers): You can friend me at