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Two items from the sports pages this morning:

1) Not really a sports story, but I saw it first on ESPN: two Duke lacrosse players have been indicted. It really doesn’t deserve a whole “CSI: Durham” post, because it’s a sealed indictment, so there’s basically no real information. But if you’re following the story, there’s the latest.

2) More importantly, from ESPN’s NBA pages:

Larry Brown does not plan to coach the Knicks’ final two games because of acid reflux, ESPN learned Monday morning.

Maybe I’m just a sad, pathetic little person, but this makes me feel like less of a wuss for bitching about my stomach here. See, rich and famous people have the same problem!

Sure, fine, he has to deal with Stephon Marbury on a daily basis. Well, I have to grade lab reports. Lots of lab reports. It’s almost the same thing…


  1. #1 Sean Carroll
    April 18, 2006

    Yes, but do you have to deal simultaneously with the equivalents of Stephon Marbury and Isaiah Thomas?

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