Happy Valentine’s Day

Over at Inside Higher Ed, Scott McLemee celebrates everybody’s favorite annoying holiday with a look at two scholars of sex: the late Gershon Legman who coined “Make love, not war” back in 1963; and Blaise Cronin, who currently studies the more respectable sort of pornography at Indiana. Personally, I half think the real purpose may have been to give him the chance to write the sentence about Legman:

Any scholar publishing a book called Oragentialism: Oral Techniques in Genital Excitation may be said to have contributed something to the sum total of human happiness.

but there is a larger point, about the complicated place of sexual imagery in society. It’s got some silly aspects, but also some thought-provoking bits. Just the thing for a snowy Februrary, unless you happen to have access to a copy of Legman’s magnum opus…


  1. #1 Bob Oldendorf
    February 16, 2007

    Department of Schadenfreude:

    It’s satisfying to catch Inside Higher Ed in a simple typo:

    It’s not “Oragentialism” (though that does make an equally good pun with Said’s Orientalism – which I suspect was part of McLemee’s delight in the title) – no, the correct spelling is actually Oragenitalism.

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