Bicycling Report (Lame Edition)

Saturday was a miserable cold and rainy day, and today wasn’t a whole lot better. I took advantage of a brief spot of sun in the afternoon to get a short ride in, but it was awfully windy with dark clouds on the horizon, so I just rode around on local streets, so as not to end up five miles from home in a thunderstorm.

Total Distance: 5.39 miles
Average Speed: 13.4 mph
Maximum Speed: 27.56

Year-to-date totals:

Total Distance: 86.5 miles
Maximum Speed: 32.0 mph

Better luck next weekend, I guess…


  1. #1 Mike Procario
    May 20, 2007

    I got caught in a massive thunderstorm about 3 miles from home a couple of years ago. I was so wet after the first few minutes, that it did not matter how log it took to get home. I could not get any wetter.

    Saturday, the weather was clear, cool, and windy here in Maryland. Other than the wind it was perfect cycling weather.

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