Shashin o Sen-mai Torimashita

(I’m not sure what the right counter word for digital photos would be, but physical photographs would be flat things, so we’ll go with “mai”…)

The post title pretty much says it: I have taken 1,000 pictures thus far on this trip. We’re now in Yokohama, staying in an absurd room on the 62nd floor of the Landmark Tower, and we spent most of the day poking around in Tokyo. But the important thing is those thousand pictures, and here’s a cheap reader contest:

How many picture will I have taken by the end of this trip?

Leave your guesses in the comments. The person who comes closest to the actual number without going over will win something cheap and tacky from Japan that I will buy before I leave.


  1. #1 Brian Thompson
    August 27, 2007

    Ah heck, San sen go hyaku mai. Err… 3500 in English. My Japanese is rusty.

  2. #2 Janne
    August 27, 2007


    Based on the inverse exponential value of yet another old temple, neon-lit street or hole-in-the-wall ramen joint. You’ll be be converging towards a lower steady-state rate of photographing.

  3. #3 Matt Platte
    August 27, 2007


  4. #4 cisko
    August 27, 2007


    I suspect your rate will go down considerably when you start the con, since you’ll be more of a participant and less of a tourist.

    I was going to guess 1500, but decided to go with the closest prime instead… and that’s a cute one anyway.

    I think I average about 150 photos/day when traveling, but then again I consider myself to be slightly crazy for photos. So congrats, I think…

  5. #5 Michele
    August 27, 2007

    Sen nana hakyu … 1700.

  6. #6 JT
    August 27, 2007


  7. #7 Rajesh
    August 28, 2007


  8. #8 Adam Rakunas
    August 29, 2007

    3,716. ‘Cause there will plenty to photograph once the con starts.

  9. #9 Karthik
    August 30, 2007


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