DonorsChoose Wrap-Up

So, the final numbers are in, one day late thanks to that bastard Colbert. The official Uncertain Principles DonorsChoose Challenge raised $3,607 from 48 donors over the last month, good for second place among ScienceBlogs blogs, in both categories. That’s better than I realistically expected to do (last year’s challenge brought in about $1,400 in two weeks, so we more than doubled the take by going to a full month).

Many thanks to all those who contributed. Your generosity is much appreciated. I still owe some of you blog posts, and I’ll get to those as soon as I can– I’m at the World Fantasy Convention this weekend, so it’ll be Sunday or Monday before I get around to new posts. If you donated and would like to claim any of the spiffy incentive offers, send me a copy of your donation receipt, and let me hint broadly that your odds would be really good

Official totals for ScienceBlogs in general:

20 Sb blogs mounted challenges; 12 of them met or exceeded their fundraising goals.

We raised:

$54,335 from Sb donors

$15,000 from Seed Media Group

(More than $69,000 total.)

155 classroom projects fully funded (although this will go up a lot when we spread the $15,000 from Seed Media Group around) and many partially funded. Even more when we throw in the completion bonuses (which will be in the ballpark of $6k altogether).

Take that, “Stephen Colbert for President”…

Thanks for putting up with my hard-core shilling for the last month, and (mostly) taking my over-the-top posts with good humor. It’s been exhausting enough that you won’t need to worry about a repeat any time soon.


  1. #1 Dave S.
    November 2, 2007

    Congrats to you and all on a job well done.

    I think a special hat-tip should go to PZ Myers, who after all (maybe after a little prodding) contributed (via his readership) $21,374 from 201 donations, or 39+% of the non-Seed cash. You may have placed a solid second, but still a distant one. But of course the real winners are the kids.

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