On Saturday at Boskone, I gave a talk on the Many-Worlds Interpretation of QM. This was held up a bit by waiting for the projector to arrive (I was busy enough with other stuff that I didn’t notice that I hadn’t received confirmation of my request for a projector until late Thursday night, so this was entirely my fault). They were able to come up with a projector, sparing people the need to squint at my tiny tablet PC screen, but it took some time off the beginning of the talk.

The talk consisted of me reading the dog dialogue from Chapter 4 (not to different from the original post), then talking about the basic ideas of QM, the measurement problem, the MWI, and how decoherence works. It’s all stuff I’ve posted here before, but if you would like to see it reduced to colorful PowerPoint slides, here you go, via SlideShare:

(The early slides that are just dog pictures go with the reading.)


  1. #1 nolo
    February 18, 2009

    I loved it!!

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