links for 2009-06-02

  • Today begins a very important initiative called Silence Is The Enemy to help a generation of young women half a world away.Why? Because they are our sisters and children–the victims of sexual abuse who don’t have the means to ask for help. We have power in our words and influence. Along with our audience, we’re able to speak for them. I’m asking all of you–bloggers, writers, teachers, and concerned citizens–to use whatever platform you have to call for an end to the rape and abuse of women and girls in Liberia and around the world.
  • Sometimes there comes a public health issue that’s so big, so overwhelming, so heinous, that you just don’t know where to begin discussing it. Nevertheless, the conversation should, and must, happen just the same. Silence may be easier, but speaking out is the only way to demystify the taboos and bring attention to what’s going on for those who can’t bring attention to it themselves. And maybe, just maybe, bring about some change.


  1. #1 Uncle Al
    June 2, 2009

    help a generation of young women half a world away Women shut up about Church. Women shut up about State. Women shut up about women. If there is a problem, go Lysistrata and then try to police your own kind.

    The 19th Amendment was a nation-shattering mistake pushed through by mobs of odious whining harpies. Luce Irigaray is the paradigm-shattering Belgian feminist whose major work, Speculum of the Other Woman (1974)… wuck.

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