Quantum to Cosmos

I’m clearing out browser tabs before the weekend, which has reminded me that I’ve been terribly remiss in not passing along information about the Quantum to Cosmos festival being held next month at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario.

For 10 exciting days this October, Perimeter Institute’s Quantum to Cosmos: Ideas for the Future (Q2C) will take a global audience from the strange world of subatomic particles to the outer frontiers of the universe. All events will occur on-site in Waterloo, Ontario and online at q2cfestival.com

Q2C’s extensive program features more than 50 events — including panel discussions, keynote presentations, special screenings, exhibits including the full-scale model of the next Mars Rover (named Curiosity), and recorded sessions with Honorary Festival President Professor Stephen Hawking. Check out our speakers page to see who’s coming!

Q2C will transcend traditional festivals by streaming events live and on demand, offering virtual interaction with exhibits, and providing special opportunities for students and teachers.

They’ve got a stellar line-up of speakers, and the PI is a really nice spot. The tickets go on sale Tuesday, so if you’re able to be in Canada at that time (sadly, I am not), check it out.


  1. #1 Sunny
    September 10, 2009

    Chad – thanks for spreading the info about Q2CFestival. Just so you know all lectures and panel discussions will be streamed live online and available on demand at the q2cfestival.com website.

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