New Physics Blogs

A couple of new-to-me but good physics blogs to point out this week:

All That Matters by Joerg Heber. This looks like it will be updated weekly-ish, and has a couple of good entries, including a nice write-up of an ultrafast laser experiment that I had flagged to write about before I got distracted by crazy people and lab porn this week.

The Dayside by charles Day of Physics Today. This has roughly daily updates, on a wide range of stuff.

Both of these cover physics beyond the default particle-physics-and-cosmology that you can find in dozens of places, and Day even has a post titled Why I Like Condensed Matter Physics. They’re both good additions to your RSS reader.


  1. #1 Joerg Heber
    August 15, 2010

    Thanks so much for the recommendation, Chad! Indeed, I try to update the blog once or twice a week. I hope I can continue to write posts you find interesting

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