Silly Poll: Music Ed

I can see the oncoming train at the end of the book-in-progress, so I’m going off the grid to try to finish a draft of the final chapter and introduction. Here’s something to think about while I’m away from the Internet:

For bonus points, defend your choice in the comments using only lyrics from their songs.


  1. #1 Eric Lund
    March 25, 2011

    Let’s see: a couple of people who AFAIK were one-hit wonders, a thoroughly mediocre 1980s rocker, a guy I’ve never heard of, and the front man for a grunge band. If those are the options, I’ll take “none of the above”.

    If you are allowing write-in votes, I’ll take Edvard Grieg. He wrote a well-known piano concerto (which was one of the pieces excerpted in “Hooked on Classics”) and the Peer Gynt suite.

  2. #2 Ambitwistor
    March 25, 2011

    Eddies in the space-time continuum!

  3. #3 Rick Pikul
    March 25, 2011


    Assuming you did that in order, Ed’s from The Barenaked Ladies.

  4. #4 Eddy Grant
    March 25, 2011

    I am sad. No one in the first 51 responses has voted for me.

  5. #5 Thony C.
    March 25, 2011

    Eddie Cochrane was not a one hit wonder

  6. #6 Emory Kimbrough
    March 25, 2011

    Dude, how could you leave off Duane Eddy?

    That’s MISTER Twangy Guitar to you, pal:

    But thanks for omitting Eddie Van Halen.

  7. #7 chris y
    March 28, 2011

    Eddie Harris. (Bonus points: “Eddie who? Eddie Harris!)

  8. #8 See Nick Overlook
    March 28, 2011

    Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson

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