Science Poll: Get Real

If you look at the schedule of events for DAMOP next week, you will see that there is a movie showing scheduled for Tuesday night: Real Genius. This seems like an excellent excuse to run a poll:

While the meeting will largely involve quantum mechanics, this is a purely classical poll, so you can choose only one answer, not a superposition of multiple answers.


  1. #1 Ron
    June 10, 2011

    Welcome to Pacific Tech’s smart people on ice.

  2. #2 Brian
    June 10, 2011

    Is it the expurgated version? Evidently, they changed … the body part used to hammer a nail in a two-by-four…

  3. #3 Sili
    June 10, 2011

    I like the one with the kid building a nuclear bomb better.

  4. #4 The Disgruntled Chemist
    June 10, 2011

    Would you classify that as a design problem, or a launch problem?

  5. #5 Johan Larson
    June 11, 2011

    How many movies about laser science could there be, really?

  6. #6 Derek in DC
    June 13, 2011

    I know it’s a stretch, but lasers did play a big role in Fantastic Voyage (a much bigger role than credible science… no talk of extracting photons here).

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