It May or May Not be 2012 Somewhere

A while back, a reader from Bulgaria sent me a photo of a highly topical bottle of local spirits:


You can either know where you are, or how much you’ve drunk, but not both…

Having spent my last day of 2011 taking SteelyKid to the mall for bouncy-bounce and midway games, and then having her help me bake apple pie (which she demanded to do out of nowhere, and wouldn’t stop talking about), I could really use a shot of quantum liquor. Or even some classical beer.

Sadly, I’m fighting a wretched cold, so booze is out of the question. But if you’re in a partying state, have a drink for me. And may your 2012 be better than your 2011, but worse than your 2013.


  1. #1 Neil Bates
    January 1, 2012

    Drink much of that, and delicate quantum entanglements in your microtubles will be disrupted. The result: being Hilbert-spaced-out.

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