Once upon a time, there were three giant hippopotamuses…

No, Daddy, it was three little pigs.

This is a completely different story, honey.

Once upon a time, there were three giant hippopotamuses, who lived together in a river in Africa.

They lived in a house.

Well, hippos spend most of their time in the water, so they really lived in the river.


But they had a house on the bank of the river, which was very nice.


And one day, something happened, which was…?

A big bad wolf came to their house!

No, honey, hippos live in Africa. They don’t have big bad wolves in Africa.

Oh. Ummm… A great big giraffe came and drank up all the water in their river!

And one day, a great big giraffe came and drank up all the water in their river. This made the hippos very sad. So, they…?

Hit the giraffe and shook the giraffe and said “Give our water back!”

Ummm… OK.

So the first hippopotamus tried to hit the giraffe for taking their water. But giraffes are really tall, and hippos are short, so he couldn’t reach the giraffe.

The second hippopotamus grabbed the giraffe and tried to shake him. But giraffes have really long necks, and the giraffe grabbed hold of a tree, so he couldn’t shake the giraffe very well.

Now, the third hippo, she was very smart and very nice, so she…?

Um… She gave the giraffe some grass?

Well, giraffes eat leaves, but that’s a good idea.

Now, the third hippo, she was very smart and very nice, so she gathered up some yummy leaves and gave them to the giraffe, and said “Please won’t you give us our water back?”

And the giraffe did, so the hippos got their river back.

But that water would be all yucky. Because it was in the giraffe’s throat.

Oh, yeah, right.

And the giraffe said, “Well, I already drank that water.” But he was a wealthy giraffe, so he went to the store, and bought them some nice clean water for their river.

Right. The giraffe only drank their water ’cause he was thirsty. But once he knew it made them sad, he went and got some new water, from the sea. Because he was really a nice giraffe. And then everybody was happy.

Ummm… right. Exactly that.

And then everybody was happy. The end.

The end. Let’s do another one!


  1. #1 reesei
    March 27, 2012


  2. #2 Danil
    March 27, 2012

    I learned an important lesson watching the bull giraffe at the San Diego Zoo.

    “Giraffes are !@#$%^%~!s”. This one probably stole the water from the store….

  3. #3 turkseksi
    March 28, 2012

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