Links for 2012-04-27

  • Animals Disappointed in your College Performance

    This ostrich begs to differ with you. Grammar does matter.

  • Boston Review — Claude S. Fischer: The Loneliness Scare

    Social scientists have more precisely tracked Americans’ isolation and reports of loneliness over the last several decades. The real news, they have discovered, is that there is no such epidemic; there isn’t even a meaningful trend. If we turned to historians to measure Americans’ degree of isolation over the centuries, they would probably find periods of growing and lessening social connection. The rough evidence indicates a general decline in isolation. When you think back to, say, a century ago, don’t call up some nostalgic Our Town image (although alienation is a theme in that play). Picture more accurately the millions of immigrants and jobless, farm-less Americans trekking from one part of the country to another, out of touch with family and likely to be trekking again the next year.


  1. #1 Jasper Janssen
    April 29, 2012

    Via the animals, I ended up here, don’t know I you’ve seen it…

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