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FutureBaby Betting Pool Winner

A few weeks back, I started a betting pool, inviting people to guess the birth date and sex of FutureBaby (now SteelyKid). Looking back over the entries, the winner was Kylinn, who correctly guessed August 7th and female. Kylinn wins, according to the original wager: The winner gets bragging rights, plus their choice of something…

Meet SteelyKid

Behold, the cutest burrito in Niskayuna: 8 lbs, 2 oz, 20 inches long. Do your own metric conversions. The obligatory mother-and-child picture is below the fold:

Correlation and Causation

Around 20% of women who go into labor do so after eating Chinese food. Another 17% or so go into labor after eating Indian food. True facts.

Reader Request: Parenthood

In the Reader Request thread, Mary Kay writes: I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on becoming a father. Both before and after the actual event. I mentioned this to Kate, and she asked whether I thought there was a difference between “fatherhood” and “parenthood.” I’m not that attuned to such things, so it had…

Why Don’t They Predict That?

In a comment on the FutureBaby betting thread, Rivka writes: (I’m laughing at all these people who are predicting early. The average gestation for a first time mother is 41 weeks, 1 day.) Of course, as a physical scientist, my immediate reaction to that is “If they know that, then shouldn’t that be figured into…

FutureBaby Betting Pool

OK, not really a betting pool, as there will be no cash wagered. This is strictly for amusement. The projected arrival date for FutureBaby is July 28th, which is two weeks from tomorrow. Of course, the actual arrival date could be any day in the next month or so. We also don’t know the sex…

Project Nursery

The garage remodel is dragging on a bit– the room is usable, but not all of the shelves are in yet. We have, however, cleared enough space to set up some of the piles of baby things we’ve acquired: A few details:

Theme From FutureBaby!

Being a Baby of the Future, FutureBaby obviously needs to have a theme song. Sadly, Kate and I don’t have the cash on hand to commission John Williams to write one. So, then, we shall Ask the Internets: What (already existing) piece of music should be FutureBaby’s theme song? I realize this would be easier…

Arbitrary Numerical Signifier

Six years ago today, to within a few hours: It’s been good so far, I think we’ll stick with it a while longer… If you’d like to see more evidence that Kate’s way too good to me, here’s a picture taken today:

Percentiles and Perspective

Kate’s doctor called back after the ultrasound Tuesday, and this time the news was all good– FutureBaby appears very healthy, and everything is as it should be. There was one interesting little quirk, though, having to do with the weight. Kate mentioned last night that FutureBaby’s estimated weight is in the 70th percentile for babies…