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Who Killed the Electric Car? opened this evening. As Seed has a nice interview with the filmmaker, Chris Paine, I thought I would see it and write of a review.

In David Hasselhoff-related News

How does that even work? Former “Baywatch” star David Hasselhoff had surgery after severing a tendon in his right arm in an accident in a London gym bathroom, his spokeswoman said Friday. The 53-year-old actor, who played lifeguard Mitch Buchannon on the TV beach drama for 11 years, was shaving at a gym in the…

Do mice have empathy?

This article in The Scientist describes a paper where the authors claim to have found empathy in mice. The problem is that what you define as empathy may be more a matter of semantics than of science:

A Cappella Must Be Stopped

If you have gone to college in the past 20 years, odds are you went to about a thousand more A Cappella concerts than you bargained for. I was an RA in college, and frankly by the end I started boycotting them as a matter of principle. Anyway, this video is hilarious: A Cappella Addiction…

I love this article from Seed debunking the latest “We are falling behind in science!” hysteria. Here is my favorite line though: Wadhwa and Gereffi found that the oft-quoted numbers didn’t filter for expertise. Using data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the National Association of Software and Service Companies and the Chinese Ministry…

Cooperation without cognition

How does cooperation evolve? It is in an organism’s best interest to screw its competitors in order to best convey its genes to the next generation, yet we see a variety of human and animals examples of cooperation. The answer falls to a division of mathematics and economics called Game Theory. Game Theory examines the…

Raw milk stings?

I like my milk pasteurized like everyone else, but the Department of Agriculture is now actually conducting raw milk stings:

I’m free, I’m free!

I recieved early release from the New York penal system. As I noted earlier, I had jury duty today, which normally lasts 3 days. However the guy came in after like 3 hours and says that they are letting us out of the whole thing. Apparently there weren’t many cases to begin with right before…

Superman Returns Review

Warning SPOILERS below the fold!

Are there neurobiological correlates of economic behavior such as utility seeking? The answer is yes, as demonstrated by some very elegant work by Berns et al in Science.