Pure Pedantry

All-Nighter Ho!

I am doing an all-nighter at the lab — I know, how deliciously freshmen history paper of me. I also have a lot of free time as I am waiting for RT-PCRs to finish. Thus, I have decided to post something in every channel of Scienceblogs in one flurry of all-night bloggery. So watch for them. I already got physical sciences (I know pretty pictures is cheating but maybe I will find something better).

Here’s a question for you? Do you think being a good grad student requires committment-demonstrating-all-nighters? Do grad students who spend their lives at lab do better in the long run?

Because if that is not true, I am so going home…


  1. #1 Polly Anna
    June 21, 2006

    Oh, my goodness.

    It sounds like you are not lazy enough.

    The Lazy Way to Success my have some ideas for you.

    Polly A.

  2. #2 Nick Anthis
    June 22, 2006

    Hey come on, man, you’re making us all look bad. Although, I have to say that when I’m in the lab I at least do my best to… ah hem… look like I’m working. I think you might be blowing your cover by spending a whole night publishing posts on the internet…. 😉

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