Pure Pedantry

Every time I think that Britney Spears cannot become more trailer trash, she goes and becomes the black hole into which all other trailer trash in the Universe is sucked:


That would be Britney Spears in the latest issue of Bazaar being her very pregnant self.

1) That was disturbing when Demi Moore did it. It didn’t end up being, as intended, a big feminist thing. It just ended up being wrong.

2) As the Hat-tip link points out, that is not even in the ball park of how Britney Spears looks. She is at the hind end of two kids and an imploding mairrage. I am amazed that Photoshop science has advanced to the point that she can look this palatable to the senses.

Hat-tip: IDLYITW.

UPDATE: You look away for two seconds… Since the comments section for this post has gotten wildly out of control. It has been removed.