Pure Pedantry

This Synapse features a special Society for Neuroscience line-up with Shelley, Evil Monkey, Nick the Neurocontrarian, and myself attending.

I arrived and faced a moral quandry of whether to drag my ass out of bed to see stuff. Having decided to have a look, I attended a Workshop on Teaching, a Workshop on Open Access publishing, nearly lost my mind, and a neurogenesis/gliogenesis slide session. Shelley summarizes some interesting work on oxytocin and vassopresin and critiques the lecture by Frank Gehry. Nick and Evil Monkey (here and here) have their sparse summaries here.

As you may have noticed, we were all ridiculously busy having fun, so blogging was a bit sparser than we would have liked. SfN is a lot of fun though, and I learned a lot. Yes, that is right I said learned. Learning was achieved no matter what you might think.

Yet, neuroscience (and neuroscience blogging) continues in our absence, and so here is the rest of the Synapse for this issue.

Mike Michael Anes from Peripersonal Space was also at SfN, and he writes about some great work regarding plasticity by Alvaro Pascual-Leone.

Aleksandr Kavokin from RDoctor.com posts some quizes to test your knowledge of schizophrenia and ADHD. He also talks about brain injuries and

Hsien Lei from Genetics and Health reports of how a variant in the serotonin transporter gene influences your risk of depression, but only in a family context.

Sandy from the Mouse Trap corrects fundamental attribution error in giving children genetic praise.

Finally, AvantNews reveals that old Far Side cartoon was right, “Sir, my brain is full.”


On that note, you will have to forgive me. I am still totally exhausted from the trip, and I don’t have time to say more. The next Synapse is on October 29, 2006 at the Neurocritic.


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    October 19, 2006

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