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Grand Rounds Vol. 4 #46

It has been a rough month here at Pure Pedantry. At one point last week, I think I trained rats for 8 straight hours. (My job in the lab is training rats.) And let me just tell you, that is not particularly interesting. Visualize getting a repetitive stress injury moving around an pissed off animal…

Just a heads up. Next week on August 5th (Tuesday) I will be hosting the illustrious medicine carnival Grand Rounds. (Has it been a year and a half since I did this last? Jeez I have been doing this forever…) Anyway, here is how you submit. Send an email with your name, your blog, the…

Encephalon is up

Encephalon is up at Neuroanthropology.

Encephalon 47

Encephalon 47 is up at Channel N. Thanks Sandra! The best of it is a video describing equipment for measuring the flight of tethered fruit flies. You can train them do to all manner of things but changing the visual stimulus in the area around them.

Encephalon #46 is up

Encephalon #46 is up at the Neurocritic. My favorite: if you haven’t read Chris’s post how on hyperbolic discounting reflects distorted time perception, you need to. It is genius.

Encephalon #45 is up

Encephalon #45 is up at Podblack Blog.

Encephalon 43

Encephalon 43 is up at GNIF Brain Blogger.

Encephalon 41

Encephalon has a particularly good crop of brainy goodness this issue, so let’s get started. Mind Hacks looks at a fascinating case of a man with unstoppable hiccups because he has Parkinson’s disease. Neuroscientifically Challenged looks at the possibility of using a nanopolymer from sea cucumbers as electrodes for recording or stimulating in the brain.…

I am hosting Encephalon next week on Monday (March 17th). If you would like to submit a neuroscience-related post to this carnival, email it to encephalon [dot] host {at} gmail [dot] com. I will be writing it on Sunday night, so try and get your posts in by 7 pm if you want them to…

Encephalon is Up

The reignited Encephalon is up at Sharp Brains. The next Encephalon is being hosted on March 3rd at Mind Hacks. Email encephalon{dot}host{at}gmail{dot}com to submit.