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This is cool. A computer programmer parsed the all the Wikipedia entries to find the average step length to get from any one to any other. He also found the center of Wikipedia — the article that has the shortest average step length to any other article. The article in question is 2007. Hat-tip: Slashdot

In honor of Pi Day…

It’s pi day. (You know…3/14…stay with me on this…) In honor of pi day, here are the first million digits of pi. (Not reproduced here because I don’t want our tech guy to put a hit out on me.)

Power Laws and Cities

Bettencourt et al. in PNAS looked a variety of cities of various sizes. They wanted to determine what the effect of population size of the city has on their properties including physical properties like roads, but also economic properties like consumption. What they found was very interesting. What they found was that 1) these properties…