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This review in Nature Neuroscience is excellent. I have never seen the issue of gene-environment interactions laid out so eloquently. Unfortunately, it is behind a subscription wall, so those of you not affiliated with a University may have to just live with this excerpt:

Jonah at The Frontal Cortex posted a great article exposing the limits of genetic determinism. Sometimes a genetic explanation seems so obvious, but further study shows that environment also plays a prominent role. Definitely read the whole thing.

On Genetic Heritability

As promised I have a response to this article in the New York Times (I had to spend a couple days marshalling my evidence). I thought I would summarize some evidence about what we know from behavioral genetics so you could understand why I think this article was so wrong. I have tried to classify…

Hang on a minute

I was totally incensed by this article in the New York Times, largely because the science quoted — what little there was in between the anecdotes — was truly attrocious, ignorant of alternative views, and completely missing the point. When I get a free moment I will provide some clear examples of why genetics is…

Violence: Nature vs. Nuture

This article in Science News is really interesting as it goes into the causes of disruptive behavior in children. I don’t have much time to review it now as I have the last test of my graduate school life in about an hour and a half, but I think it cuts a good balance between…