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North Korea Update (UPDATED)

News@Nature has another fabulous North Korea science update: What more have we learned about last week’s North Korean test? Scientists have been able to confirm that it was indeed a nuclear weapon. US intelligence is reporting that the explosive force of the bomb was less than a kiloton of TNT, and used plutonium as opposed…

Geology of North Korean Nuclear Test

Chris from Highly Allochthonous — say that five times fast — has a great post summarizing the geological issues of the North Korean nuclear test (how deep? how do we know that? etc.) Check it out.

I expressed a certain level of skepticism about North Korea’s nuclear test this week because of the low estimated yield and the failure of the earlier test of their Taepodong-2 missile. Basically, I question the ability of North Korea to make a nuclear weapon that will actually work, given the strict controls on their society…