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Neuron to Glia Synapses on Axons?

I posted a couple months ago about neuron to glia (in this case oligodendrocyte) synapses in the hippocampus, and how researchers had shown that these synapses were capable of LTP. This was an example of two themes 1) the brain is a tricky business — particularly with respect to information processing and 2) glia are…

Scienceblogs welcomes OmniBrain

Scienceblogs welcomes OmniBrain, a neuroscience blog that I am quite fond of. I am particularly fond of this cartoon, which has to be the funniest one ever made about oligodendrocytes. Granted that is a small group, but still…a very good comic.

Watch Oligodendrocytes Move in Vivo!

If you remember back from when I was at the Society for Neuroscience, I saw a talk by Bruce Appel where he showed videos of oligodendrocytes migrating and myelinating in the zebrafish. Oligodendrocytes are the myelin forming cell in the central nervous system of vertebrates — the cells that coat axons in a sheet of…

OK, so I am not actually on this paper, but my boss is. It is also what I am doing my thesis on, so I thought I might mention it. The article is entitled “Convergent evidence that oligodendrocyte lineage transcription factor 2 (OLIG2) and interacting genes influence susceptibility to schizophrenia” and was published in the…

This is huge. Jackson et al. have identified that the adult stem cell in the human brain for both neurons and oligodendrocytes are the PDGFR-alpha expressing cells and that PDGF-AA causes proliferation of these cells and a shift towards the oligodendrocyte lineage.

Neuron to Glia Synapses

Now I study oligodendrocyte development, and if you ask me they are a truly unappreciated cell type. Here is yet one more piece of evidence: synapses have been detected between neurons and oligodendrocytes in CA1 of the hippocampus AND these synapses can undergo a kind of LTP.