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Neal Young, John Ioannidis, and Omar Al-Ubaydli have an article in PLoS suggesting that because the emphasis in scientific publishing is too much on the big positive results in the big journal, many results are going to be wrong. (Remember that Ioannidis published another paper saying that many results are going to be wrong on…

Blogging on Peer-Reviewed Research

I don’t know if you caught it on these two posts, but I have started to add the Blogging on Peer-Reviewed Research Icon whenever I am analyzing a peer-reviewed paper specifically.

Check out this useful piece of freeware — Publish or Perish — that calculates the impact factors of particular individuals, journals, or articles based on info from Google Scholar. Since it is Google Scholar rather than PubMed it should work just as well for social sciences people as natural sciences people. Hat-tip: Crooked Timber

This is genius. These guys are proposing that we construct Fantasy Journals — drafted sets of journal articles — at meetings and scientific gatherings sort of like Fantasy Football. Each player would get access to say all the papers to be presented at the meeting (or a more limited number if that is too many).…

Are case reports useful?

A new journal for case reports only, The Journal of Medical Case Reports, has spawned an discussion at The Scientist about whether we should even have case reports in journals: Does the medical literature need more case studies? A new journal is betting it does, even as editors at other journals say the answer is…