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I found an amazing plethora of free-access articles and resource material on stem cells (from the journal Nature). The author of one (Sean Morrison) is a very well-known researcher here at UM Neuroscience.

(Links below the fold).

A glossary for stem-cell biology
Austin Smith

Nuclear reprogramming and pluripotency
Konrad Hochedlinger and Rudolf Jaenisch

Asymmetric and symmetric stem-cell divisions in development and cancer
Sean J. Morrison and Judith Kimble

The stem-cell niche as an entity of action
David T. Scadden

Stem cells, ageing and the quest for immortality
Thomas A. Rando

Generation of neuronal variability and complexity
Alysson R. Muotri and Fred H. Gage

Stem cells for the treatment of neurological disorders
Olle Lindvall and Zaal Kokaia

Potential of stem-cell-based therapies for heart disease
Deepak Srivastava and Kathryn N. Ivey

Stem-cell therapies for blood diseases
Claudio Bordignon