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Its sad, but true: all the best that Michigan has to offer is found lying by the side of the road. And look what turned up this time.


  1. #1 Johann Thorsson
    July 12, 2006

    hmmmm….. the article says “The extinct elephant-like mammal roamed the earth millions of years ago” and then says “Mastodons have been extinct for more than 10,000 years“. (emphasis mine)

    No proofreading at this news site?

  2. #2 Shelley Batts
    July 12, 2006

    Ha, nice catch. Maybe the article was written by a young-earth creationist? 😛

  3. #3 darius
    July 21, 2006

    Actually, an early form of mastodon came across the land bridge about 15 million years ago, and they went extinct about 12,500 years ago. Thus both figures are correct.

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